Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Anarchists at Occupy D.C.

Last Saturday's Americans For Prosperity "Defending the American Dream" summit was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The Occupy Wall Street protesters showed up outside the hall. I'm including a total of 9 videos in this post that will show you more than you care to know about how many of the OWS protesters are choosing to behave.

The reason for this post, however, is to highlight the anarchists that were present in the crowd with the OWS protesters.

This first image, which appears at about 30-seconds into the video below, you can see a man standing on the steps in the middle of the picture.  He is holding a black flag.  The black flag, with no symbols on it, is a symbol of the anarchist movement.  Funny that they have one, isn't it?

This second image, which first appears at about the 5-minute mark in the video below, shows the actual "anarchist" symbol. If you conduct a Google search for "anarchist symbols" you will see that this is the actual symbol of the anarchist movement. You will also see that the "black flag" is another symbol of the movement.

This final image, which appears at about the 6:20 mark in the video below, shows that even anarchists need legal representation. And, if you're an anarchist within the OWS movement, your legal representation will be provided to you free of charge by the "National Lawyers Guild." Anarchy ain't what it used to be...

Just in case some of you are unaware of exactly what "anarchy" is, here is the definition from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:
1 a : absence of government b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
2 a : absence or denial of any authority or established order b : absence of order : disorder

Just for the record, I have watched all of the videos below. There is a total of about 35 minutes of video from the protests. At no time, in any of those videos, is it evident that any of the other OWS protesters were uncomfortable with the anarchists being a part of their group.

Here's the video (Warning: Graphic Language):

"Occupy DC Tries To Force Their Way Inside! [explicit]"

From the Washington Times:
Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said Monday that her department is adjusting its tactics in response to Occupy D.C.’s “increasingly confrontational and violent” demonstrations, following the actions of other U.S. cities looking to evict — or at least crack down — on what officials are characterizing as unruly protesters.

The chief’s tough talk changed the tone of what had been about a month of congenial relations between protesters and authorities. It came after a Friday night incident in which several people attending a downtown event where the protesters were demonstrating were hurt.

“Five people that we are aware of were injured,” Chief Lanier said in a statement issued Monday. “That is no longer a peaceful protest.”

Chief Lanier’s statement also included links to videos that police say support their claims that the protesters are becoming more aggressive. In one video, protesters appear to use children to block an entrance.

“We do not condone nor will we tolerate violence or aggression,” Chief Lanier said. “The administration will do what’s necessary to maintain order in the city and to ensure that everyone is safe.”

You can read the remainder of this Washington Times story HERE.

The uploader of the video above has done such fantastic work covering this protest and because of that I can't decide which of their videos to NOT include in this post...so, I'm including all of them. If you want to get to know who these protesters are, with whom "the good people in the movement" are standing, how they treat people, and learn more about the over all general attitude of many of the protesters, I certainly recommend that you watch ALL of these videos. I have included a couple of these videos in another blog post, but, in the interest of being all-inclusive in this post now, I'm including them here, again.

Here are the rest of the videos.
Almost all of these videos include very graphic language.
(The first two videos are the ones included in my other blog post about OWS DC.)

"Occupy DC Pushes Grandma Down Stairs"

"Occupy DC Attack Victims Interviewed"

"Occupy DC: We Can Do Whatever We Want! [explicit]"

"Occupy DC: Let's Start a Riot!"

"Occupy DC: Don't Let Those A**holes Leave!"

"Occupy DC Harasses Conservative Woman [explicit]"

"Occupy DC Harasses Police, Gets Laughed at! [explicit]"

"Occupy DC Blocks Intersections!"

If you care to see MORE video from these protests, click HERE.