Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glenn Beck's "Apocalypse Packet"


Glenn said he was putting together packets of information to share with his family over the holidays – and he has decided to share these stories with you!

Below is the audio he is burning to a CD for his family:
(There may be a commercial at the beginning of each of these clips, however, each of the next 3 clips are AUDIO only.)

And the stories you need to share:

Daily Caller – Euro Breakup

Market Oracle-Global Balance Sheet Depression Making Second More Dangerous Credit Crisis Inevitable

Yahoo News -Anonymous Targets Pepper-Spraying Police Man

Illegal Immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in Arizona

CNN – IN video, White House shooting suspect calls himself ‘modern-day jesus’

The Blaze – Cyber Hackers Infiltrate Illinois Water Utility: ‘This Could Get Ugly’

The Blaze – Atlantic: ‘This is how Terrifying Cairo is Tonight’

The Blaze-Hamas and Fatah Set to Join Forces in Unity Deal, Worrying the U.S., Israel, and Jordan

The Blaze-Chris Matthews – Obama’s Not Happy in White House

The Blaze-’Occupy CUNY’ : NYC Students Drop Books on Police in Chaotic Tuition-Hike protest

The Blaze-Man Al Qaeda ‘Sympathizer’ Arrested by NYPD in Plot to Bomb Cops & Troops

The Blaze – Occupy London Out of Control: Children Squatting at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Camp Rife with Class ‘A’ Drugs, Human Waste

The Blaze – Author: Buffet May Have Been Involved in Congressional Insider Trading Scandal

The Blaze – D.C. Area Flash Mob Shoplifts from 7-11 Store

The Blaze-3 American Students Arrested in Egypt for Firebombing Police During Protests

The Blaze – Joseph Stalin Appearing on Campaign Posters in Russia

The Economic Collapse – The Police State Vs. Occupy Wall Street: This Is Not Going to End Well for Any of Us

The Economic Collapse – 17 Quotes About the Coming Global Financial Collapse That Will Make your Hair Stand Up

Palestinian Media Watch – Kill a Jew, Go to Heaven (.pdf file)

Palestinian Media Watch – PA Depicts a World Without Israel

Zero Hedge – Why is the IMF Giving More Funds, When the G20 Won’t?

Zero Hedge – Presenting the Swiss (Black) Loch Ness Monster

Zero Hedge-Futures Plunge As Fed Discloses New Stress Test: Fears US Banks Will Need to Raise Tens of Billions in New Capital

Zero Hedge- Live Feed From the Protester Occupied Electric Power Company in Athens

Business Insider – An Economic Perfect Storm is the Most Likely Scenario

Business Insider – The New Price Era of Oil and Gold

Business Insider – Billionaire Howard Marks on “The Ultimate Worry: Tyranny of the Majority”

Business Insider: Wall Street Has A Much Bigger Worry Than Obama

The New York Observer – The New Doom

IBankCoin-Drinking Good Wine to Wash the Pain Away

Business Insider – The Run on Europe Begins, As Global Investors Head For The Hills

Business Insider – Right Now Officials in Brussels Are Threatening To Cross A line That Will Set Off Panic

Business Insider -EUROPE: Print or Perish


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