Sunday, December 11, 2011

Overreaction by Publius at to Glenn Beck's "Race Comment" About the TEA Party

It appears as though Publius over at Breitbart's may need to take a chill pill.

Friday on the FOX Business Network, Glenn Beck was a guest on Judge Andrew Napolitano's show Freedom Watch (Scroll to the bottom for the full interview.) Glenn was making a point about the progressivism that he sees in Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and, in doing so, he employed a bit of Rush Limbaugh's "illustrating-absurdity-by-being-absurd" philosophy. This was not recognized by Publius who rushed to the defense of James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart, then engaged in a string of insults directed at Glenn.

Quoting Publius from BigGovernment:
First he turned against the undercover video work of James O'Keefe - after championing the ACORN undercover video sting and getting huge ratings off them. Then he turned against Andrew Breitbart - by lying about his actions in the Sherrod incident and refusing Breitbart's requests to defend himself on his radio and TV shows.

Now Glenn Beck, the shock jock-turned-multimedia-star-turned-historian-cum-evangelist-of-sorts pulls the race card... against the Tea Party!
You can read the remainder of what Publius wrote HERE.
Screen grab from
Screen grab from

All because of what Glenn says in this 1 minute and 28 second excerpt posted by the Media Research Council (

Beck "pulls the race card?" Are you serious Publius? Come on. Every regular listener of Glenn's knows better. I've been listening to Glenn for over 10 years. Glenn was making the point that TEA Partiers that now support Gingrich may as well have been supporting President Obama over the past 3 years because the two have similar, big-government-producing philosophies and policies.

Since the TEA Party has championed a smaller government over the past 3 years, how can they now be supporting a big-government progressive such as Gingrich? Who is just like Obama...who is a progressive...which is what Gingrich is...just like Obama. So, if the TEA Party likes Gingrich, but doesn't like Obama, because the two are so similar, the only obvious difference between the two is their race.

Silly? Yes.
Potent? Yes.
Effective? Yes.

The vast majority of Glenn's regular listeners understand completely what Glenn was saying. The only people that are going to have trouble understanding this are the people who are not regular listeners...and, evidently, Publius at Big Government. The work that Publius does is amazing. However, it does appear that this one time, too many personal emotions may have gotten in the way of objectivity. So, no...not "Et tu, Beck?"

Here's the complete interview between Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Breitbart's Twitter Bitchfest - Re: Glenn Beck (VIDEO Included) Yes, Andrew's rant is continuing today:!/AndrewBreitbart

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