Friday, December 2, 2011

Stop Telling Palin Supporters What To Do (UPDATED)

Scroll down to see the update to this post. Post updated at 7:20PM December 11, 2011.

I have created a video which is a response from me to ALL of the former Palin supporters who just can't seem to comprehend the concept of asking Governor Palin to please reconsider her decision to not run for President in 2012.

Those of us on the "reconsider side" are fed up with all of you former Palin supporters telling us how we should spend our time and our money and where our efforts could be better directed. We are also sick and tired of you telling us that we should pick a candidate out of the lackluster group of candidates that are in the race.

So far, the USA is still a free country. Why does it bother some of you so bad that we don't care to waste our efforts supporting candidates that we feel are completely WRONG for our country at this time in history? You go right on ahead and make your picks. If you think that ANY of the current candidates even come close to equaling Governor Palin in terms of policy positions, character, or on their records, you evidently never had a clear understanding of the Governor in the first place. As I said, this is a free country; YOU do what YOU see is best for YOU, and pardon us while WE do what is best for US.

Some people have been very respectful in the ways that they have disagreed with our decision to ask the Governor to reconsider, and that is appreciated and respected by all of us. However, there are others who feel it is their duty to attack us, call us names, and hurl insults at us. Do you hear US attacking YOU? No. So, STOP attacking US.

In the video below, everything I said to the guy in the video, is directed at those of you who just can't comprehend what we on the "reconsider side" are doing. It's fine that you've found a candidate that you want to support. More power to you. But, stop telling us to do the same. Do you really think you're going to convince us to STOP? Who the hell do some of you think you are? It's none of your damn business how we choose to spend our time.

Join us at Sarah Palin's Earthquake on facebook HERE.

Here is the original video that I responded to in the video above. You may want to listen to this first since audio from this video is so bad in the video above.

If you care to see the video "Sarah Palin's Scandalous Emails" that I mentioned in the first video, here it is:

The creator of the video that I made my response to has removed his video and has now uploaded another video in response. He's had a change of heart and is man enough to address it. Watch:

Thank you, freedomlover24. Your response is greatly appreciated. Please, come help us in our efforts at Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake (we need donors). Once there, look for the messages addressed to "MEMBERS" to see what our goals are.

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