Monday, December 12, 2011

"Patriotic Millionaires" - Give Me a Break

This video just showed up in my email inbox a few minutes ago and I can't help sharing it with you. It's entitled "Patriotic Millionaires" and, of course, there is a website that accompanies it:

Here's the video:

If you haven't lost all of your cookies yet after watching that video, here's a partial list of people who have signed the pledge to pay more. This list can be found on one of the supporter websites of Patriotic Millionaires, called: Wealth for the Common Good. Wealth for the Common Good is one of the two "partners" listed at the bottom of the Patriotic Millionaires website. The other one is The Agenda Project.

• Chuck Denny, Jr., retired CEO, ADC Communications, MN
• Arul Menezes, principal architect at Microsoft, WA
• Bernard Rapoport, Chairman Emeritus, American Income Life Insurance Co., TX
• William Collins, former mayor of Norwalk, Conn. & CEO of Minuteman Media, CT
• Todd Achilles, managing member at Balius Ventures LLC, WA
• Jody Wiser, Tax Fairness Oregon, OR
• John Steel, former mayor of Telluride, Colo. & attorney, CO
• Eric Schoenberg, private investor and professor at Columbia University, NJ
• Albert Francke, independent director of companies, NY
• David Krakow, school teacher, DC
• Stan Storscher, legislative director, SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001, WA
• John Burbank, director, Economic Opportunity Initiative, WA
• Susan Estep, financial advisor, MT
• Kris Alman, former physician and activist, OR
• Jonathan C. Lewis, CEO of Opportunity Collaboration and Microcredit Enterprises, CA
• John Harrington, Harrington Investments, Inc., CA
• Drummond Pike, CEO, Tides Inc, CA
• Roy Ulrich, Attorney and radio, CA
• Michael Sherraden, Center for Social Development, MO
• Paul Grundy, IBM Corporation’s Global Director, IBM Healthcare Transformation, NY
• Sandee Stewart, Sandee Stewart Television, CA
• Rene Balcer, writer and producer, CA

The only name I recognize is the 6th one from the bottom, the one in bold and italics. Drummond Pike has been mentioned many times by Glenn Beck for being the head of the Tides Foundation, which is funded in-part by notorious George "Spooky DUDE" Soros.

By the way, "Patriotic Millionaires," you can always give the government more of your money anytime you'd like by visiting the government website Until you donate to the national debt via that website, how can you really call yourselves "patriotic?" If you would donate money there, perhaps other Americans who cherish their freedom could be left alone by the greedy, wasteful hand of the government tax collectors. Now THAT would be a service you could perform that actually could be considered "patriotic." Until then, stop bastardizing the word. Thank you.

Now for some "Spooky Dude" in action:

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