Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breitbart's Twitter Bitchfest - Re: Glenn Beck (VIDEO Included)

Conservative Andrew Breitbart is angry with conservative Glenn Beck. Last night, Breitbart took to Twitter to share his viewpoint. Not one of his several websites, but Twitter.

On December 5th Andrew Breitbart sent 13 tweets, including re-tweets.
December 6th: 11
December 7th: 18
December 8th: 21
December 9th: 9
December 10th: 8
December 11th: 56 (not including re-tweets)
December 12th: 113 (not including re-tweets)

Below is a video of Andrew's many tweets. I did not include every single tweet that Breitbart sent because not all of the tweets that he sent referenced Glenn. I left out a few that did reference Glenn due to repetitiveness or the fact that they just weren't that interesting.

Breitbart called-out Glenn over old thorns still in his side. He mocked Glenn for a variety of issues. At one point Breitbart even agreed with the suggestion of challenging Glenn to a duel. Breitbart also referred to Glenn's listeners/viewers as "sycophants" and "slavish." Many of Breitbart's tweets appeared to be sent with the hopes of eliciting a response from Glenn. A man he just said "is dead to him."

I think Breitbart goes a little off the rails in his efforts. Obviously, you can make up your own mind:

All of the links below are relevant to this story. The first few of them provide you with the back story and the remaining links and audio clips are links that Andrew Breitbart tweeted last night.

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@GlennBeck (Glenn Beck on Twitter)

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PODCAST: “Glenn Beck as Race Baiter” with Guest Andrew Breitbart. (TheVictorySessions.com)

Breitbart: Coward, Liar, Thief Beck Is Dead To Me After Calling Tea Party Racist (Breitbart.tv)




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Audio from Glenn Beck Radio show where he references Shirley Sherrod:

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