Friday, December 16, 2011

Governor Palin, If Not You, Who?

Governor, I'd like for you to know a few things about the path that those of us that are still hoping you'd run are going down. We've been kicked out of once-friendly Palin groups on facebook. Groups that we've been a part of for years. We've been told that we are not "true supporters" because we "are not respecting your decision." We've been called names; this would fall under the category of "nothing new" if it weren't for our former, fellow Palin supporters being the ones to call us those names.

We've been told that we have no clue how American politics work. We've been told to shut up and sit down by just about every fragmented supporter of every candidate that is out there or has been out there.

Yet, still, here we are.

We are not leaving until we hear from you.

We know you didn't ask us to be here. Can we, at a minimum, elicit some response from you...other than you NOT deleting our posts from your facebook wall? We've seen you delete the posts from others who have bad-mouthed our "Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement" page. We know that you've blocked some of these naysayers from posting on your wall. This is part of what keeps us moving forward.

We're planning to run a television ad in the local Des Moines, Iowa market within the next couple of weeks.

We can't run it as much as we'd like because we're not going to have the financial support that a group like C4P can bring in. Why? Because they have moved on. Even they no longer support us. Yet, you still allow our posts on your facebook wall. Why do none of these other Palin supporters not recognize this fact?

Please, Governor, if you're be're done. If you're in...I'm gonna need about a months-worth of sleep before I'll be able to help you out any more than I already have tried to do.

Please send notice soon. :)


Run, Sarah, run!!!
Please, for the love of God & Country.
We've never needed the leadership that you've proven you can provide more than we need it now.

"We the People," are calling you.
Please, answer our call.

Today, we'd like people who feel like donating cash, to help us air some ads in Iowa, to join us here: Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake

Thank you.

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