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Ron Paul Supporter Advocates "Shooting the Bastards," Hate for Jews & Israel, Anarchy, Revolution, New Conspiracy Theories & Accuses the GOP of Stealing the Vote ALL on Live Internet Radio Show Within a 9-minute Segment

This HAS to be a record, even for a Ron Paul supporter.

Ron Paul supporting internet-radio talk show host Michael Rivero doesn't like that the Iowa GOP leadership is moving the vote tabulation in next week's Iowa caucuses behind closed-doors...and he's not afraid to tell you about it, or make an ass out of himself while doing so.

Naturally, in true Ron-Paul-supporting ethos, he's attached a wild conspiracy theory to the Iowa GOP's decision to move the vote-count behind closed doors due to a promise by the Occupy Wall Street crowd to disrupt the Iowa caucuses...and, because that link provides such a pathetic view, also check out THIS LINK.

As Michael tells his listeners:
They're getting ready to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. That's the ONLY explanation here.

(Don't worry, a full-transcript and video follow.)

Normal folks would just assume that this is a good move by the Iowa GOP so that votes are not comprised by any chaos that the OWS protesters may cause, and they have caused a lot of chaos over the past few months: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.

It's a good thing that nobody ever accused the Ron Paul fan-base of being "normal." I wonder if Ron Paul's peeps know that Occupy has been protesting their fearless leader, too? Because of this alone, one would think that the Ron Paul crowd wouldn't be so eager to back the Occupy movement. As with the TEA Party movement, the Ron Paul supporters are trying to "claim" the Occupy Wall Street movement as their own. ALL Paulbots know more about Occupy Wall Street than you or I...just ask one of them.

ALL of Wall Street = Bad.
ALL of Ron Paul = Good.

Note to radio-internet host Michael Rivero and every other conspiracy-believing Ron Paulbot (which is just about every single one of them) there ARE exceptions to every rule. From CNN.:
Votes in each of the 1,774 precincts will still be counted on location, and observers from the campaigns will be able to watch that process.

Oh! Doesn't that ruin a good conspiracy theory? I suppose the GOP has also infiltrated the Ron Paul campaign in Iowa and at every single caucus location there are actually faux-Ron-Paul-supporting/GOP-cloaked-spies that will "watch that process?" No?

In the interest of full-disclosure, I feel the need to tell you that I LOVE a good conspiracy theory. I don't BELIEVE any of them, I just LOVE to delve into them and see for myself the level of delusion that some people have achieved. As one who has lived my entire life in "fly-over country," the theory of chemtrails is my favorite. My family and I laugh about this on a regular basis. HAARP is fun too. It caused the earthquake in Japan, don't ya know? Oh, and like Ron Paul and the vast majority of his supporters believe, the Jews caused 9/11...and, of course, Jews are bad. Everybody knows that, silly.

Back to Michael Rivero's paranoid internet-radio show. Here's the 9-minute clip and the transcript that I compiled is posted beneath this video.

Host Michael Rivero
Full show:

Full clip transcript (9:05):
Announcer: Here is your host, Michael Rivero
:03 And aloha, America. Welcome back to our show and boy, there are times I, I hate being right all the time. I really do. I love that line in the movie "Jurassic Park" when the T-Rex, you know, breaks out of the paddock and Malcolm says, "gee, I hate being right all the time" because he predicted it.

:18 Remember I was telling you if that if they, they can not smear Ron Paul and defeat him honestly in Iowa they will try and steal it? Ok? We are just now getting word that the Iowa GOP leadership has decided, because of the 'potential of disruption at next week's caucuses,' the GOP is going to move the vote tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location.

:49 The caucuses are supposed to be counted right there where everybody can witness it. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, we have, we have an email that's saying 'bad people are coming to disrupt the caucuses'.
It's probably the GOP leadership['s] kid [that] posted them.
So, they gin up this whole thing about "Oh, there are going to be disruptions so we have to move the tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location." That's not the way the system is supposed to work. There ARE no secret votes, in a republic, in a democracy. There are secret votes ONLY in dictatorships.

1:21 They're getting ready to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. That's the ONLY explanation here. He is so far ahead in the polls; CNN has him over 50%. He has more support than all the other GOP candidates combined.

1:36 But, Israel does not want Ron Paul in the running.
The federal reserve does not want Ron Paul in the running. These are soulless people with no conscience and no sense of civil responsibility. They're gonna steal it from him.

1:48 So, if they have their little secret tabulation location and there's a surprise, come-from-behind victory for Newt Gingrich, we're all gonna know what happened. It was another vote theft, and at that point, with the election system is that badly compromised, I think Claire Wolfe was right,
it's time to start shooting the bastards. Because nothing else is gonna work.

2:15 Because they're not only stealing the election from Ron Paul, they're stealing the right of the people to choose our own govt. That's what they're really stealing. All of this election stuff, it's a theater exercise; 'we're gonna let you think that you have a choice as long as you vote for the people we approve of.' And, then you'll quietly go back to your slavery and [keep] cranking more out soldiers for us to use in our wars in the belief that somehow this is something you all wanted because you voted for the leaders. But now we know we're not.

2:47 This idea that they're going to move the Iowa caucus vote tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location where there are no witnesses is proof they're going to steal it from Ron Paul. They're desperate to keep him out of there.

3:02 We have seen the media just coming up with all of this nonsensical stuff about him. You know, 20-year-old newsletters, disgruntled former employees who were probably agent provocateurs. They can't stand him.

3:15 He refuses to go along with this suck-up to Israel, suck-up to the war machine and protect Wall Street at the expense of the American people. They don't want him in there and they're going to steal it. And we all need to decide what we're going to do, when they do. When they steal it, what will you do? Will you just sit down and say, "oh well, I just guess that's the way it's gonna be?" Because if you do, then that's basically the end of the United States of America. If you're not willing to stand up and defend your right to vote for the candidate that you want, then this nation is lost.

3:53 So, I just put this story up at "Iowa GOP Moving Vote Count to Undisclosed Location." I want you to grab that article, copy it, send it everywhere. Post it everywhere and post it with the comment
"They're doing this to steal the Iowa caucuses from Ron Paul."
We're not supposed to have secret vote-counts. It's Un-American! It's 'Nazi.' It's 'fascist.' It's 'Soviet.'' It's NOT America. They've made it very obvious, they're not going to allow the American people to choose their own candidates. And, that too, is not America.

4:37 I'm angry. And, if you're not, what the heck is wrong with you? This is an attack at the very heart of what this country is supposed to be. Democracy. We the people, choose the government. Not Israel. Not Bernie Madoff. Not George Soros. We the people. And what the GOP leadership in Iowa have just said is "No. You don't get to choose. We don't like the guy that you like. We're going to make sure that he doesn't get to the ballot. Long before you ever get to a polling place, we will make sure that the people WE want are the only ones you can pick from." That's how the election systems got hi-jacked in this country.

5:30 I need to get this over to Bev Harris at and she needs to be aware of this. That's the only interpretation; the GOP is going to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. They want him out of the race as quickly as possible. They don't dare let him stay in the race any longer.

5:45 They're gonna get rid of him in Iowa and New Hampshire. They will steal it from him.
If they can't steal it from him. they will shoot at him. I'm telling you that right now.
These people are desperate. Politicians, Presidents, who stand up to the bankers, get shot at. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy.

6:02 These money-junkies are making trillions of dollars off of your labor. They're not gonna let that go without a fight. And it's time to realize that it's going to take a fight to get those money-junkies pried loose from your, from your blood-veins.
6:24 So, go to the website, grab that story: "Iowa GOP Moving Vote Count to Undisclosed Location" and you send it to everybody. You send it to everybody you know who's a Ron Paul supporter. You make a stink about this. This is not how elections are supposed to be run in the United States of America.

6:46 If they steal it from Ron Paul, at that point there is no possibility of saving this country. It's time to just start burning it all down.
Because, better [that there is] NO government than a govt of the money-junkies, by the money-junkies, and for the money-junkies.
It's like I keep joking all these years...I've been studying the Republicans and the Democrats for a lot of years and
anarchy is looking attractive right now.

7:16 I'm furi...I'm angry. I hope you are too. I hope you're as angry as I am.

7:23 Now, up in Montana, as an expression of their anger over this whole National Defense Authorization Act and the provisions in there for indefinite detention, the Montanans have launched a recall of their Senators who voted for this abomination. Senators Max Baucus and Jonathan Tester. The Montana voters are gonna kick 'em out of office. They're gonna fire them. And that's what we should all be doing, firing every member of this government who does not represent the American people. Which sadly, is most of them so we've got our work cut out for us.

8:00 We're gonna go to the phones. Clint in Las Vegas. Aloha, Clint. Welcome to the show. What's on your mind?
Clint: Yeah Mike, uh, I just got a little steam coming out of my ear which is kinda good on a cool night like tonight but, however, uh, uh, what you just told me about Ron Paul moving - cuz there's a lot of people out there who are really sensing that, you know, that we, we hafta get Ron Paul in there. That this country (over-talk)
Mike: He's the only chance to save this country.
Clint: and, uh...
Mike: You know, if we don't get Ron Paul in the White House then it's all over. It's time to have the revolution.
Clint: Did you, uh, uh, are, are you uh, also with a this uh, article you want me to pass around, uh, do you have plenty of phone numbers on there (over-talk) for the people responsible for this?
Mike: Um, I do not, but if anybody has (over-talk)
Clint: Or their names?
Mike: Uh, you know, I don't think the Iowa GOP leadership is going to care how many people call them.
They've been given their orders to get rid of Ron Paul.
We just need to get this out to the public so there's a (inaudible) cry calling the media, calling everybody and basically, the message we want to send is:
"If Ron Paul loses Iowa WE KNOW it was stolen from him." It's time to start shooting the bastards.
We'll be right back.
End of transcript.

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If you have any doubts about the efforts being put into the "Occupy the Iowa Caucus" movement, check out these efforts.

Hundreds of Occupy Activists Gather in Iowa to Plot ‘Anti-Caucus’ Disruptions

Also, please scroll back up to the top of this post where I posted links from 1 through 11. There is more in all of those posts than you could ever hope to know about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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