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My Video Posted on - In September... - (UPDATED)

***This post has been updated. 2:20AM 12-11-11***

Apparently, one of my YouTube videos was posted on by Kevin DuJan on September 30, 2011.

The title of the video: "Candidate Palin"
Uploader of the video: "shellymic" (Me.)

Title of the article:
When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

Notice this line, which is the first line underneath my video in the HillBuzz article ("h/t" = hat tip):

h/t our friend Rose for this great video.

And, since I'm the one that did all of the research for my video, and all that is below is a regurgitation of the info that is in my video, I don't feel much of a need to "credit" it's "source," but I just did.

When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

Franklin Roosevelt: Announced January 1932 for November 1932 election.

Dwight Eisenhower: Announced March 1952 for November 1952 election.

John F. Kennedy: Announced January 1960 for November 1960 election.

Lyndon Johnson: Announced July 1960 for November 1960 election.

Barry Goldwater: Announced January 1964 for November 1964 election.

Richard Nixon: Announced February 1968 for November 1968 election.

Ronald Reagan: Announced November 1979 for November 1980 election.

George H.W. Bush: Announced October 1987 for November 1988 election.

Bill Clinton: Announced October 1991 for November 1992 election.

Bob Dole: Announced April 1995 for November 1996 election.

Al Gore: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

George W. Bush: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

John Kerry: Announced September 2003 for November 2004 election.

John McCain: Announced April 2007 for November 2008 election.

Barack Obama: Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.

Hillary Clinton: Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.

Here's my video, which everyone with access to the internet can see wasn't made by "Rose":

Beneath the article on HillBuzz, "Rose" appears to take credit for my video. Here's the 1st part of the comment that "Rose" left beneath the article:
Glad ya like it! We all feel the angst - the media exacerbates it. And so we buy into it. No one wants to be let down, and so many are afraid to get their hopes up, which gives that media angst extra power.
You can read the rest of "Rose's" comment HERE.

I'm happy that HillBuzz posted my video, that's for sure. I am a little confused about the way it is credited, however. Oh well.

A moderator from has posted a comment beneath this post and I have posted a reply to her. You can read both comments below.

Just in case I ever change the comment format on this blog, I've also decided to include both of our comments in this post.

From Kathleen Gee, moderator at
Hi Shelly,

I'm one of the moderators of I didn't post the video you created, but in all likelihood, a reader named Rose sent one of us a link to it, so we gave her a hat tip for making us aware of it. I have updated the post to reflect that the video is your work.

Thanks for putting it out there to help inform the rest of us.

Kathleen Gee

My reply to Kathleen:
Cool, Kathleen. A couple of hours after I made this post I thought about amending it with a "note" that this post was really just made as a reminder to myself that my video was even ON your site. (I made another similar post a few days ago...about a lefty blog that made fun of one of my vids: http://nebraskattitude.blogspo... ) I got side-tracked and didn't get it done. I will be sure to update my post to, at the very least, send people to this comment section to see your response.

It wasn't really clear from "Rose" whether or not she was taking credit for sending it to you or for creating it and because of that, I didn't "blast" her, or you.

Either way, I'm sure it received more views than it would have had it not been posted on your site at all. For that, I am thankful. Too bad more people didn't see it. It's at 891 views right now. :\

I really, really appreciate your response. Thank you very much.

Shelly Dankert

If you'd like to see the updated post on, you can see it HERE.

Thank you again to Kathleen Gee and HillBuzz. I appreciate and respect your accountability. Thank you.

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