Sunday, December 4, 2011

For MY RECORD - Rumproast Post About My "Sarah Palin - The Reluctant Candidate (REMIX) Video

Lib blog, Rumproast, blogged about my "Sarah Palin - The Reluctant Candidate (REMIX)" video back in October. Their post is getting harder and harder to find, so I wanted to chronicle it here. Or, it could be that I'm just sick and tired of looking for it on their website because there's SO much trash there that I have to wade through just to find it. Ick.

Here goes.

Here's my video that they made fun of (while failing to recognize the ORIGINAL VIDEO). I called it a "REMIX" for a reason. Just for the record, this is the first and only video I have EVER used ANY of the effects that I used (I used as many as I could fit):

Here is the link to Rumproast's post about my video:

Below you will find Rumproast's well thought-out, infinitely-researched, and well-described synopsis of my video:

Your Creepy, Stalking Sarah Palin Fan-Flick Of The Day


Stop lying to yourself, Sarah. We had something special. Something bigger than the pyramids, more irresistible than destiny. Don’t you remember that day in Madison, when you said “Game on!” and we pledged ourselves to each other for all eternity? Do you really think you can just turn your back and walk away from that? WELL, DO YOU? BECAUSE I’M NOT READY TO LET YOU GO.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 10/25/11 at 12:04 PM

Thank you for posting my vid, Rumpers. I LOVE the attention. Every little bit helps.

You betcha.

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