Monday, August 8, 2011

DrudgeTools Has Arrived - A NEW Way to View Drudge! is a new, more convenient, fully customizable alternative for viewing the NO LONGER will you have to wait for the Drudge Report to it always seems to do when you're in the middle of reading the headlines, right?

Below is a screen shot of the new DrudgeTools website:

The BEST part of DrudgeTools is that the page doesn't go blank when it refreshes. In fact, you barely even notice when it does refresh, which is fantastic!!!  (Oh, and there are no ads shoving the headlines down the page and out of view.) 

The "Trending Now" button gives you a list of the most common words that are currently appearing on DrudgeTools. Below is a screen shot of the "Trending Now" feature. The red arrow is pointing to the little box that pops-up:

Here is a screen shot of what happens when you click on one of the "Trending Now" words. As you can see, all headlines that currently appear on DrudgeTools with the word "Obama" in them, appear as clickable links in a small, on-screen window:

The "Latest Headlines" button shows you, in a small, pop-up-type box, the latest headlines added to the DrudgeReport as well as how long ago they were added. Here's a screen shot of this feature, to which the red arrow is pointing:

The "Preferences" button allows you several options to choose whether you wish to enable or not. The red arrow in the screen shot below points to the menu box that appears when you click on "Preferences." Please note that I have none of the options selected in this shot. Nor are any of these options enabled in any of the previous shots:

Wait! What's in that blue circle in the picture above? The developer is messing with my mind...that's what is going on. He knows I'm creating this blog post right now. Actually, DrudgeTools is in the BETA phase and is being re-tooled, re-worked and having new features being made available, even as I'm writing this post. That's all. :)

Now, here's a look at DrudgeTools with the "Show Posted Date" feature enabled. Notice the Date and time underneath each headline:

Next, this is a look at DrudgeTools with only the "Show Time Ago" feature enabled. This shows how long ago each headline was posted to the DrudgeReport. This feature is visible directly underneath each headline. Also, note that I've changed the "In-Page Refresh" to 2 minutes, from 60 seconds in the previous shot:

This screen shot shows what the new DrudgeTools looks like with the "Show Toolbox" feature enabled. This allows you to easily share the headlines on the DrudgeReport on Facebook or on Twitter. Also, once again, please note that I've changed the "In-Page Refresh" to 5 minutes, from 2 minutes in the previous shot:

Finally, here's another screen shot of DrudgeTools with ALL features enabled:

You've now seen all of the features that are currently available at

With the addition of Trending Now, Latest Headlines and the Preferences buttons, you now have features that are unavailable on the Drudge Report. Please visit and try out the new features for yourself.

Maybe you prefer RSS Feeds. If so, here is the link for the RSS feed from DrudgeTools.

Want to look up a story that you remember seeing on DrudgeTools a few days ago? No problem! There's a link for that too. Here's the link for the Archives on DrudgeTools. So far, this allows you to go back over the past 2 weeks-worth of headlines on DrudgeTools.

I mentioned that things are changing rapidly at DrudgeTools. Here's how the homepage now looks. You can note the changes that have taken place just over the couple of hours it's taken me to put this blog post together. Links for "Archives" and the RSS "Feed" have now been added:

Let me state one more time that DrudgeTools is in the BETA stage of development. Some features are subject to change. More features are likely to be added.

Please comment below if there are other features you would be interested in seeing added to DrudgeTools.

Andrew Liles at is the creator of Andrew is married to my 1st cousin. I received no compensation for the creation of this blog post...yet. LOL Good luck with it, Andy! :)