Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wisconsin Union Protests Still Union-Ugly

This is yet another great video from the MacIver Institute of their coverage of the Wisconsin union protests that began in February of this year.

Here's how MacIver Institute describes their YouTube video I've embedded below:
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and the students and staff at Messmer Preparatory Catholic School were all targets of an obnoxious protest on Friday, August 26, 2011.

From this report by the MacIver News Service, it is clear the protesters (Union members, socialists, MPS officals, liberal activists) could learn a lot by emulating the behavior of the children inside the school.

:33 Union cow calls school President/CEO Smith a "scumbag."
:44 President Smith describes how the school was vandalized by union goons.
:57 Union goon "plays dumb." (He's VERY good at it, too.)
1:06 Union goon "bumps into" President Smith on the sidewalk outside the school.
1:45 Skinny, male, union maggot intimidates a female representative of the Messmer school.
2:48 MacIver shows how stupid the skinny, male, union maggot is.

Supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's actions regarding unions are finally standing up for themselves.

Here's the description by the EAG Foundation's YouTube video I've included below:

While WEAC activists were mounting a protest at the New Berlin school board meeting, taxpayers responded in-kind. The New Berlin school board is taking advantage of a cost-saving law enacted by Gov. Scott Walker. EAGtv reports from the scene.

I am amazed that someone has not died as a result of all of the anger coming from the "teachers unions" who have knowingly aligned themselves with other unions, socialists, communists and anarchists in Wisconsin. (For proof of that statement watch my 2-hour video "The Civil Left: Union Goons.")