Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unions FAIL in Wisconsin State Senate Recall Elections

Republicans maintain a slim majority in the State Senate recall elections held on Tuesday in Wisconsin. Two recalled Republican State Senators lose their races while three Republicans retain their seats. The Republicans now hold an even more slim 17-16 majority in the State Senate. Republican's previous majority was 19-14. It doesn't matter how "slim" the majority, what does matter is that it IS a majority for the people who voted to END the stranglehold that unions held on the State of Wisconsin.

Here, this blog post in the Washington Post says it quite nicely:

Democrats fell one seat short of a chance at taking back the Wisconsin state senate Tuesday, a result that will disappoint organized labor nationally.

Oh, ho ho, that is MUSIC to my ears!!! This is a great victory for the freedom-loving people of the state of Wisconsin and all across the USA. It's also quite a blow to those who like to ride around on the backs of others. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

In case you are unfamiliar with, or just don't remember the purpose of these recall elections, I'll give you this quote from the same blog post as above:

The recalls were sparked by Republican legislation to end collective bargaining for public employees in the state, a move that inspired major protests in February and March. Democratic lawmakers fled Wisconsin to avoid voting on the bill; Republicans passed it without them. The recall campaigns on both sides began soon after.

Naturally, with the unions and Progressives on the losing end, once again, they are crying "dirty pool" about the recall elections:

Democrats have questioned the results given that Waukesha County was one of the last to finish reporting. In April’s Supreme Court election — also seen as a referendum on collective bargaining — challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg appeared to have beaten Judge David Prosser, before thousands of lost ballots were found in Waukesha.

In a statement, Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate accused Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus of “once again tampering with the results of a consequential election” and said that a “dark cloud hangs over these important results.” State party spokesman Graeme Zielinski added, “We believe there’s dirty tricks afoot.” The party’s legal team is investigating.

Of course they are.

During a Wisconsin Supreme Court election held in May of this year, which of course the Progressives politicized even though it is a non-political office, a county clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, made a "human error" in the counting of those votes for which she tearfully apologized at a press conference following the discovery of her error. Progressives, being the loving-lot that they are, promptly dug into her personal life and career and reported every single mistake ever made in this woman's working life.

OK, back to the WaPo blog post from above.

Here's my FAVORITE line:

If these results stand, its an undeniable defeat for labor and for progressive activists.


In true Progressive fashion the Democrats are claiming "victory" in their loss:

Democrats and their allies are arguing taking down two incumbents is itself a victory, given that recalling an official is in­cred­ibly difficult and rare. But they invested very heavily in taking back the state senate and fell short.

In the interest of not going too far off my rocker in joyous celebration, I feel compelled to include this last paragraph from the WaPo blog post, as well:

A caveat: None of these results are official until certified by the Government Accountability Board. Given what happened with the state Supreme Court race earlier this year, it’s worth noting that these results are not final.

Two more Democrat State Senators face recall elections next Tuesday, August 16 but even if they both win their races it will not change the balance of power in the Wisconsin State Senate. It's OVER. UNIONS LOSE AGAIN.

I've been following the goings-on in Wisconsin since the union protests began there back in February of this year. It was during the first 6 weeks of the union protests in which I spent a TON of time (approximately 160 hours) gathering evidence to put into a video about the lack of "civility" from the left. The video that resulted from that 6 weeks-worth of evidence gathering was the second in a series of videos that I'm making entitled "The Civil Left." It wound up being an hour and 55-minute long video showcasing the behavior of the union protesters from not only the state of Wisconsin, but also that of union THUGS from all across the country during that first 6 weeks of crying, whining, chanting, bitching, accusing, smearing, name-calling, taunting, intimidation, bullying and, at times, violent behavior from the union goons all over the country...but, mainly in Wisconsin. Due to the making of that video I've felt a little invested in the outcome of all of this. I, for one, couldn't be happier to see these thugs and goons on the losing end...again.

It's wonderful to see that all of the socialists and communists that attached themselves to these union protests in the State of Wisconsin and, literally, ON the Wisconsin State Capitol grounds, did ALL OF THAT for NOTHING. ALL they accomplished was creating yet another bill for which Wisconsin taxpayers are stuck paying.....the cost of the actual recall elections themselves.

Many have spoken of the national implications of these recall elections in the state of Wisconsin.

While the political fight could have widespread ramifications in the state, these races might have national implications as well. The elections have been cast as a referendum on Walker's conservative agenda as well as a precursor of the 2012 presidential campaign where Wisconsin is expected to be a hotbed of activity.

These elections have been described as a precursor to the elections of 2012.

Republicans swept three races as they battled Democrats on Tuesday for control of the Wisconsin Senate as voters went to the polls in recall elections that both sides have said are a precursor for next year's fight for the White House and Congress.

Whether or not that proves to be true (and I certainly hope it is) the unions LOST and, for me, for now, that's a taste I'll choose to savor for quite some time. The making of my video "The Civil Left: Union Goons" has proven to leave a long-lasting distaste for unions.

If you choose not to view my lengthy video, directly below, I'll post some other short videos so you can get a feel for the type of people that were involved in these protests that have been going on for all of these months.

Here's my video entitled "The Civil Left: Union Goons." It was uploaded to YouTube on April 4, 2011. ***Warning - Graphic Language***

I used none of the videos below in the making of my video above.

"Wis. Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony"

"Scott Walker shouted down by teachers"

"Walker's Daring Escape"

"Boats For Justice, Flotilla at Governor Walker's (Our) Mansion 7-2-11"

This video was uploaded on Tuesday night:
"WIS. GOP IS TOXIC: The Ed Show Madison, Eve Of The Recalls"

Quite a classy bunch, eh? It's funny how spoiled brats act when you take candy out of their hands. These temper tantrums that the "union folks" (including socialists & communists) have been throwing for MOST of this year should now come to an end. I'm really not so stupid as to believe that they will. But, they SHOULD.

If you're interested in viewing my first video in my "The Civil Left" series, here it is:

***Warning - Graphic Language***

"The Civil Left: Politicos, Media & Hollywood"

I'd like to make one more note about the union protests in Wisconsin. The Althouse blog and YouTube channel and the MacIver Institute's YouTube channel are invaluable sources of information in keeping up to date on what was/is going on in regard to these protests in Wisconsin. They've both done fantastic work and have provided a much more complete look at the Wisconsin union protests than can be found in all of "conventional media." Hat tip to both of them!