Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama Attends a Tennis Match - NEW YouTube Video

Fun with video.
I'm so tired of hearing what a "great speaker" President Obama is. I've yet to see the proof of it. I can, however, offer buckets of proof to the contrary.

You know? If President Obama had never used a teleprompter to speak to a classroom full of SIXTH-graders, he wouldn't catch hell like this from people like me. Well...that AND if the media didn't constantly kiss his butt and tell us what a "great speaker" and how "smart" they think he is. (That tells me more about the media than it does about Obama.)

Enjoy! :)

The following two videos highlight President Obama's "fantastic oratory skills"...OFF-prompter:

"Obama IS a Great Speaker! Watch THIS!!! LOL"

"Obama Sputters"

This video shows Obama's "giving" side, OR it proves that it really IS all about him:

"Obama Addresses the CIA & the CmeA & the CmyA"

Just for the record, I made all of the above videos. ;)