Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sarah Palin Interviewed by Sean Hannity at Iowa State Fair

Friday evening Sarah Palin sat down for a two-segment interview with Sean Hannity at the Iowa State Fair. The crowd was very responsive to many things that Palin had to say.

The best line from Palin came when Sean asked her what her thoughts were about the entire debt ceiling debate and the subsequent downgrade of America's credit rating:
"Well, the American public told them what it would take. We said, 'Congress, cut the budget, cap spending and balance the budget.' Now we're beyond cut, cap and balance. Now we're just saying...we're telling Congress, 'cut the crap and balance.' Please."

Here's the interview:

Here's a bonus interview conducted by SkyNews at the Iowa State Fair.

"I don't put up with politics as usual." - Sarah Palin