Friday, August 12, 2011

Michele Bachmann Harassed by Gay Teen at Iowa State Fair

Michele Bachmann was about half an hour late for her appearance at the Iowa State Fair. She showed up at around 4:34PM local time. She took the stage, spoke for about 3 minutes saying her same old, tired lines. She talked about her "titanium spine" and urged voters to make Obama a "one-term president." Blah. Blah. Blah. Same things she's been saying since she announced she was running for President.

When she was finished with her 3-minute speech, in which she also invited people to the Iowa Straw Poll, she told people "I'm coming out to shake your hand and see you now. God bless you, everyone. See you tomorrow." (At the Iowa Straw Poll.) She exited the stage and then, appearing a little confused about what she was going to do next, she reappeared on-stage where she proceeded to sign "Bachmann" signs for supporters that were standing in front of the stage.

About 30 seconds after she reappeared on-stage a young, gay male began shouting at Marcus Bachmann as well as at Michele. I couldn't make out what it was that he was saying but you can see that he was yelling and pointing at Marcus and Michele. Supporters were holding signs in between the young man and the Bachmann's who were still on the stage. Then the young man began shouting "Shame on you! Shame on you!" He was joined in his chant by a few other people (plants) in the crowd.

It wasn't long before the Bachmann's exited the stage. It appeared as if security were the ones that ushered them off the stage.

When the Bachmann's were off-stage a Bachmann supporter began trying to talk to the kid...he was too pumped-up and ticked-off for "talking." Plus, if he would have spoken in a normal tone of voice not as many people could have heard him.

The young man yelled at the Bachmann supporter: "She says I'm a barbarian. That's what Marcus calls me. That's wrong. My friend committed suicide because he was bullied in her district because of her vitriolic policies. Shame on her. She's ruining (?) GLBT laws."

Then the young man was mobbed by "reporters" (people with digital audio recorders and tiny video cameras) and the feed I was watching went dead. I literally had my video camera set up in front of my monitor to record her speech...which, turned out to be a flop. At least something interesting happened.

Here's the video: