Monday, August 29, 2011

WI GOP Should be Glad They've Been Banned from the Labor Day Parade

An AFL-CIO union boss doesn't want the Republicans in Wausau, Wisconsin to play in the Labor Day parade this year. Here is the statement from Randy Radtke President of the Marathon County Labor Council AFL-CIO as it currently appears on their website:

As many of you have heard already The Marathon County Labor Council has decided not to let the Republicans in the parade this year. Here is the statement I put out:

The Wausau Labor Day Parade is a time to celebrate the working men and women of Wisconsin. It is not a political event or stop on the campaign trail. It is a time for working families to come together to celebrate their hard work and a time where we recognize the labor movement for all they have given us -- the weekend, the 40 hour work week, child labor protection, a safe work environment. It should come as no surprise that organizers choose not to invite elected officials who have openly attacked worker's rights or stood idly by while their political party fought to strip public workers of their right to collectively bargain.

Below is a local news report about the banning of Republicans from the Labor Day parade in Wausau in which you can hear a local resident who is not a union member advocate FOR this proposed discrimination by labor unions:

I think the Republicans in Wausau, Wisconsin should be happy that the petulant, whiny unions have banned them from participating in this year's Labor Day parade. In fact, the Wisconsin Republicans my just owe the unions a debt of gratitude. Unions are famous for their thug-tactics. Hell, the unions may have just saved the Wisconsin Republicans from bodily harm if they participated in this parade. Union thugs like to act out, especially when they have an audience.

In April of this year I made this almost 2 hour video that PROVES my previous statement about union thuggery. Much of the footage in this video is from the Wisconsin union protests:

My whole life I believed that Labor Day was a day set-aside to honor the American worker. Turns out, I was wrong. It's only a day set-aside to honor American "workers" who are members of LABOR unions ONLY. (Whenever I discuss unions and its "workers" I have to use the quotation marks because I don't believe there is a union member in this country who actually has the first clue as to what real work is, therefore I can't demean REAL workers by including union "workers" as one in the same.)

REAL workers don't rape their employers and tell them what they will pay them.

REAL workers are thankful to have a job.

REAL workers LEAVE a job if it abuses them and offends their sensibilities and they find a new one.

REAL workers don't vandalize, harass, or SHOOT those who don't belong to a union.

REAL workers are employed by employers that are able to provide superior-quality work for a lower price which gets completed in a shorter time-frame because a union hasn't bent them over and told them what their salary will be, what benefits they will provide, how many scheduled breaks they get each shift and how many days off they'll get each year.

REAL workers get their first 40-hours in within the first 3 days of the week.

REAL workers actually WORK.

Unions don't know the first thing about REAL work. All they know about is how to chant stupid slogans, bitch about their employers and make up phony "human rights" that they claim are being violated by said employer. Oh...they also know how to intimidate, threaten, stalk, harass, belittle, vandalize, abuse and demean non-union workers or anyone that speaks out against them.

Should I receive any threats, I'll be sure to post them here.

Be thankful, Wisconsin Republicans. Be thankful you're not going to be associating with these generally NASTY people to begin with. Enjoy your Labor Day, Republicans! Enjoy the safety of your non-union, non-threatening, and non-intimidating celebration of REAL, non-unionized Americans who actually WORK!