Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stop Shutting Down Little Girls' Lemonade Stands!

What is wrong with these "city officials" that keep shutting down the lemonade stands of 4 year old girls? Each time another one is shut down the brilliant city officials responsible for doing so wind up making national news & some wind up having to APOLOGIZE for their actions.  (Each one of those 1st 5 links is to a different story of another lemonade stand being shut down.)

The most recent story, which is reported in the Omaha World-Herald, is about the lemonade stand of a 4 year old girl in Coralville, IA that was shut down by police last week because she didn't have a permit to operate.  This put her out of business for the annual RAGBRAI event. RAGBRAI is an annual bicycle-ride across the state of Iowa that began in 1973.  In other words, there were going to be a LOT of people (new potential customers) coming through town, to which this 4 year old girl was hoping to sell lemonade.

The fact that "the government" shuts down the lemonade stands of these young "law-breakers" is one issue in itself.  However, the fact that SO MANY government employees seem to be lacking even the most basic level of common sense is downright unsettling and just a little bit scary.  Perhaps our government overlords should come up with a "common sense test" which they could give to all current and potential employees.  It should only take about 13 "committees," a couple hundred "meetings" and a few licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and a couple climatologists to come up with the test.  What?  Is that too much?