Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama Told "You Suck" & "Fix the Economy" by Martha's Vineyard Crowd

When President Obama showed up for vacation in Martha's Vineyard for the 3rd year in a row, it wasn't all strawberries and cream, as this account, entitled "Barack Obama's Martha's Vineyard vacation looks like an act of presidential hara-kiri," from The Telegraph spells out:

President Obama begins his 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard today, the third year in a row he has taken his summer holiday in one of America’s most expensive resorts. During his time there he will be experiencing the kind of luxury that the vast majority of ordinary Americans can only dream about: Barack Obama will be staying in a compound which costs more to rent for a single week than most American households earn in a year.

As for the rest of the article...I only wish I could state it so well:

Obama’s decision to head to a popular playground for wealthy elites in the face of intense media scrutiny is a surprisingly reckless move. It is a particularly foolish act just 14 months away from a presidential election where he will likely end up the underdog rather than the favourite. The contrast between an imperious, out-of-touch US president and the economic plight of tens of millions of Americans could not be starker. Obama’s holiday will no doubt come to haunt him in November next year, with the economy the number one issue for voters.

Which begs the question – why did the president go ahead with his vacation despite the worst approval ratings of his presidency, plunging stock markets, falling consumer confidence, and overwhelming public disillusion with his handling of the economy? I think the answer lies in Obama’s professorial-style arrogance, and a condescending approach towards ordinary Americans.

This is a US presidency with a distinctly Upstairs Downstairs approach towards running the country. At the end of the day, Barack Obama is in a serious state of denial if he believes the US electorate won’t care if their president acts with impunity at a time of tremendous economic turmoil and uncertainty. I suspect that when he returns to Washington in September, Mr Obama may get a rather nasty shock in the polls from angry voters who won’t take kindly to their president going AWOL in the lap of luxury during a major financial crisis.

Here's Granny Jan's NEW video.  (Love it.)

This is just a guess on my part, but, I'm going to assume that "Judi" couldn't hear the guy yelling "you suck" and "fix the economy" to the President..........or, maybe she could.

Here's the original video from the Cape Cod Times. Notice the woman that speaks Norwegian at the 1:15 mark. I believe that is what Obama hears from "us" when we speak.

"Nick," from the above video, should "think that it's cool" that the president chose Martha's playground for the THIRD year in a row because of all of the "carbon emissions" he brings to the state w/ that gigantic motorcade.

BO can preach to 'em & preach to 'em & they never learn...probably means MORE subsidies (like corporations get) for more "green" employers. Who do nothing but eliminate jobs & raise MY price with each "tax increase." Thank you, progressives/liberals/democrats (one in the same). See "Spain" as a case study in the failure of "green" jobs. 2.2 jobs are lost for every one job created. How many "green" employers in the USA have failed this yr?